Supporting other Businesses

Many businesses and organizations do not have an internal support team and often depend upon the business support sector. This makes the role of the business support sector very vital to keep other businesses and organizations up and running. This cannot be achieved without effective and quality customer interaction. We at Crabtree offer you a wide range of services which include call management, email management, social media support, and live chat support etc. This all is bundled up with customizable and cost effective packages as per your business needs.

Industries backed by the Business Support Sector

A lot of industries rely on the business support sector for their support services, making it a vital part in their growth and success. This is why the business support sector has to be on its toes so that the industries dependent upon them keep up and running. Let us take a look at some industries which rely on the business support sector for its services and their expectations:

Human Resources:

The human resources sector is not just limited to hiring candidates but a lot more. It entails a complete lifecycle right from onboarding, payroll processing to retention of an employee. To support the HR industry, one needs to work round the clock and be prompt in taking actions whenever required.

Supply Chain and Logistics:

With the world moving towards digital space, online orders have ramped up, pushing the supply chain and logistics industry to perform at its very best. To support this sector, one needs to be on their toes to help the logistics keep ticking.

Finance Sector:

Every business, regardless of their size or domain, requires sound financial services to keep them running and growing. Offering support services to the financial sector involves dealing with payrolls, budgeting, and taking care of their taxes. Therefore, to offer quality service, one needs to reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable to support the businesses with their most vital resource.

The Technology Sector:

The field of technology has evolved at a pace no sector could match. Also, we have become largely dependent upon technology which plays an important role in our daily lives. With numerous lives and businesses relying on technology, reliable and swift customer support has become vital. If not for quality customer support, all these lives and businesses will come to a standstill.

Manpower or the Workforce Industry:

Workforce or commonly known as the recruitment industry plays an all important part in growth and efficient running of a business. Growing demand of skilled workforce increases the need of support within the sector. To serve the workforce sector with quality, one has to be well versed with latest technology and be proactive in communication.

Business and Operations Management:

A lot of industries, rather than hiring an inhouse team or manager, prefer consulting or bringing in an experienced freelancer to run and manage their operations. To support such businesses, one needs to be a quick and keen learner to understand the work culture of the organization. The sooner one gets used to the policies and procedures, the easier it would be support and help the business flourish.

Handling customer interactions as a Business to Business Company

The rapid evolving B2B sector demands equally swift and efficient customer service experience for its customers. This helps not only its customers but the service provider organization to build and maintain its reputation among clients. Let us understand to handle your customer interactions to help serve your clients best!

Offer them undivided attention

Customer is the king and should be offered quality service. Whenever a customer reaches out to you for support, he has to be attended by removing all the possible distractions coming your way to understand the problem clearly. Only then a sound solution can be offered. A prompt solution to any problem builds trust among customers which plays a vital role in success of any business.

Prompt response and keeping promises

No one likes to wait and demand a swift response. Amazing customer service not only entails undivided attention but prompt responses too. A customer should not be kept waiting as he begins to perceive that he holds no value. Even if you cant find a solution, make sure to update the customer at every point of time. It is also very important to not get carried away and promise things which cannot be pulled off. One needs to be very thoughtful and practical while dealing with customers and keep their expectations at par with what you can offer. Being true to your customers and delivering what you promised it how you can build trust and gain success.

Prioritize Tasks

One might be handling several customer queries at a certain point of time. This makes it vital to prioritize tasks as per deadlines or urgency. This helps you meet deadlines, and you never disappoint your customer.

Customer service and customer support go hand-in-hand

Being a business support organization, you need to ensure your customers are kept satisfied and valued not only before they start doing business with you but at a later stage as well. Staying in touch with existing customers makes them feel good and valued, increasing the probability of them working with you all over again.

The perks of outsourcing your customer interactions

Outsourcing is cost effective:

Any business, regardless of its size needs money to function. Hiring an in-house team can prove to be costly which is why outsourcing becomes a life saver. By outsourcing certain modules, one can save a lot of money. We at Crabtree offer variety of services at a reasonable price without compromising quality of your customer service experience.

Round the clock service:

Outsourcing a service can prove to be beneficial just not in the terms of saving money, but availability as well. Personal agents at Crabtree work round the clock to serve your customers and make sure none of their queries go unanswered.

Customize your availability:

A lot of time can be wasted by cold callers and unimportant emails. We help you create more time to focus on what’s important by handling your day-to-day tasks with efficiency and your convenience. Our personal agents request your availability and schedule calls and events whenever you’re ready.

Improving work-life balance:

Running a business requires enormous amount of effort. This means you might need to work overtime or even on weekends which eventually hampers your work-life balance. We at Crabtree offer cost effective service packages tailormade to cater to your customers with the best customer interaction experience. We work 24*7*365 so that you do not miss any leads and your customers are always attended.