Your Outsourced Contact Centre

Outsourced Services:

With our comprehensive telephone answering and virtual receptionist service packages, you have time to focus on your bigger goals while we take care of your day-to-day tasks such as your calls, emails, and calendar management.

Managing Social Media:

With the planet moving to digital platforms for marketing and sales, we help your customers with their queries online, saving you all the more time.

Email Management:

Support through email queries is very common and efficient. With the limited time you have, you might miss important emails, which certainly puts a question mark on customer service. We at crabtree monitor and answer all the requests that come through from your existing or potential customers.

Outsourced Contact Centre Service

Chat Support:

Time is precious. With our live chat support or instant messaging service, help your customers resolve their queries on the go.

CRM Integration:

For us to work together, we help you with CRM integration for a flawless customer service experience.

Available Services:

We have wide variety of services which range from telephone answering to outsourced contact center. Get in touch with us to choose the right comprehensive package for yourself.

How does our Outsourced Contact Centre service work?


We cater to you the best round the clock contact center services.


Virtual contact center with real personal agents at your service.


An outsourced solution which acts just as an extension of your business, without breaking a bank.

Running a business is not an easy task. With numerous tasks at hand, one might miss calls, emails, or other customer queries, which can put a dent to the reputation of a business. To take care of such a situation one would need an in-house team, which again adds to the incurring cost of paying out for infrastructure, benefits, and other perks with limited working hours. We, crabtree is one stop shop for such businesses who want to save their time for other important tasks and leave the calls, emails, live chat support and other day to day tasks to our personal agents. We work round the clock for you just as an extension of your firm. We bring you services such as telephone answering, virtual receptionists, and outsourced contact center to take care of your daily tasks while enabling you to focus on other important aspects of your business. All this is bundled up for you in customizable and extremely cost effective packages which you can opt as per your business needs.

Cold calls, voice mails or answering machines can prove to be irritating and may impact negatively when it comes to customer support. Our personal agents are professional, polite, and subject matter experts in various fields which helps in providing the best and satisfactory customer service. All the more our agents are real human beings who ensure your customers/leads interact with a human whenever they call. Our personal agents ensure that you are connected and updated throughout which helps them to run your day to day tasks with added efficiency.