Why choose a Telephone Answering Service?

A service tailored for you

We at crabtree take care of all your incoming calls, overflow calls and the ones that come in after your opening hours! Whatever is feasible for you and your business.

A 24/7 and all year round service

Regardless of whenever your customers call, they will always have someone to speak to. We provide services around the clock with no additional charges.

Stay Connected and Updated

We help you stay connected with us all the time through our mobile application and keep you updated on the calls that we handle for you. Additionally, you can customize your availability through the application.

Telephone Answering Service

Call Forwarding and Message Reception

We filter calls as per your availability and put the customer through to you or fetch their details and share it with you to be reached at a later time.

Affordable Service Packages

We have affordable packages that ensure you pay for only what you need! Our service packages are cost effective and cheaper than hiring an in-house team.

Additional Service Packages

There is an extensive service range that we cater to as per your requirements. Get in touch with us to about our support services and packages.

How does our Telephone Answering service work?


We cover your telephone lines all round the clock with our service.


You have the flexibility to let us know which calls are your priority and schedule them as per your convenience.


We act just as your extended team and answer calls with your business name.

We realise that running a business is a no cakewalk and requires an enormous amount of effort in several areas. You need to be focused to run a successful business. However, with all the tasks that you have in hand, you might miss some phone calls which could have been potential clients or business.

Perhaps you may be running a business which lacks the time or resources to manage your phone calls. The only solution to it is that you need to buy more time!

Research show that the majority of customers do not leave voice mails and do not call back if they don’t reach a human at the other end. We at crabtree provide hassle free services that helps you to focus on your goals and leaving the calls to us. Our agents work throughout the year 24/7 so that you do not miss a call again. We also ensure top notch service by making sure that your customers always speak to a human being rather than a bot!

The telephone answering service is designed to save you time, effort, and money. You would not need to hire an in-house team, never miss a potential lead, and never deal with cold callers again. Also, you have the liberty to take control or customize on how we handle calls for you through our application.

The personal agents at crabtree sit with you to get a better idea about your business and on how would you like us to handle the calls. Regardless of your business needs our agents are technically sound who handle your calls with professionalism and perfection. Our personal agents make sure you have all the control over your calls through our dedicated application and you never have to deal with the cold callers again thus saving you time. Our personal agents take notes for you as well as record the calls for to be accessed later.

Never Miss a call!

In this era of competition, missed opportunities can be crucial in making or breaking a business. Our personal agents ensure to create a good first impression by serving you round the clock so that not a call goes unanswered. Voice mails, recorded messages and answering machines are getting obsolete as everyone needs their queries to be solved quickly. We are committed to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that your customers and leads talk to a real person every single time. Crabtree brings to you all at a price which is exponentially lower had you covered it all with your own resources!