Why choose a Virtual Receptionist?

A custom-made service

We work together to understand your business requirements, call volumes, and build a cost-effective package for you.

More than just call handling

With our virtual receptionist we cater to you with additional services such as call triaging, calendar management, and other outsourcing services.

The REAL virtual!

Our agents are not bots but real human beings who interact with your customers on your behalf to ensure the best customer experience.

Virtual Receptionist Service

Pocket Friendly

Our services remain hassle-free and have been designed in a way to save your time and be light on your pocket.

Round the clock support

Support can be required at any point of time, which is why we work round the clock to ensure your customers are never left unattended.

Additional Services

Not just the virtual receptionist or telephone answering; we also provide additional services with our Outsourced contact center.

How does our Virtual Receptionist answering service work?


With us, you cater the best receptionist service to your customers and leads, Remotely.


We just act as an extension to your in-house team without breaking a bank.


You receive real-time updates from our personal agents if unavailable.

No matter what business you do, no two days will be the same. You will come across different tasks and challenges daily. You will find yourself fully loaded with work which may even cause you to miss important calls, emails, or events.

Our virtual assistant service is designed to make your life easy by filtering calls, customer service, calendar management and all the other tasks that any other in-house receptionist would do. All this comes with extremely flexible and affordable service packages designed just for you.

With our virtual receptionist, we provide you the following services:

  • Telephone answering.

  • Custom on-hold messages and personalized greetings.

  • Round the clock service.

  • Instant email and SMS notifications.

  • Remote switchboard services with several transfer option.

  • Call triaging services.

  • Diary/Calendar management.

Hiring an in-house receptionist would mean a higher salary, benefits, and limited working hours. With our virtual receptionist service, we offer you all this without breaking a bank. We save you time, recurring costs such as office space and equipment. Our personal agents are highly versatile and deal with your customer and leads professionally. We also provide switchboard and call triage services so that you or your team never miss important calls and the calls are directed to the right person. Personal agents at crabtree take care of your calendar invites, schedule appointments and manage your day-to-day diary as well.

Just as it is with the telephone answering, our virtual receptionists are too “Real”! Your customer and leads would be interacting with human beings whenever they reach out to you.

Estimates and researches show that majority of the callers to a business do not reach back if they are greeted by an answering machine or a recorded message. Some do not even care to leave a voicemail. This may prove costly as you may lose customers and leads. With our virtual receptionists working round the clock for you, you do not miss any important calls, mails, appointments, or calendar invites. Some businesses need 24 hour support which is hard to maintain and costly with an in-house team. Our personal agents work for you 24/7/365 with no extra costs thus saving you time and money.